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    It all started with my 40th birthday...

    At the start of 2015, I knew I wanted to celebrate my 40th birthday differently than in previous years. The idea of having a gratitude party is one that’s been on my bucket list for quite some time. I’ve always found it disheartening to hear other women talk about how they don’t get along with other women. That has never been my experience. In fact, throughout my entire life I have been surrounded by women who have loved, supported and poured into me unconditionally so I wanted to honor those who have contributed to the woman I had become. Thus, #NaesPhenom40 was born! What better way to celebrate this mid-life milestone?


    My guests had no idea they were attending anything other than a typical 40th birthday party but the event was everything I imagined. I began by welcoming them and explaining that Nae’s Phenomenal 40 was not about me, but about them – the 40 phenomenal women who have so effortlessly been there for me throughout my life.


    After enjoying a delicious catered brunch, the ladies viewed a tribute video recognizing each of them for their role in my life and then spent some time mingling and getting to know each other. Just when the initial shock and awe wore off, I presented various Femspiration awards to further honor some of the women. The day ended with a group reading of my favorite Maya Angelou poem Phenomenal Woman, a hilarious group picture and of course, gift bags…for them!


    The feedback I received from this event, both from attendees and others, inspired the launch of I Am Femspiration. Female inspiration has been instrumental in my life. I want other women and girls to be empowered in this same way and shatter the myth that women don’t support each other.

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